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· November 1, 2017 · 4:00 pm

Welcome to Ed & Oliver, an innovation hub for creatives and dreamers alike. Leveraging our design-first mentality, we convert concepts into reality and help take organizations to new technology heights. Since our founding in 2015, our strategic goal has never wavered: Provide our clients technology value through customer-centric design. Our experience has taught us that although trends and preference in design change, focus on customer value will always be the number one indicator of longterm growth and success. When we start with understanding the customer, design is a natural outcome. Often, this becomes an iterative process with ever changing costumer needs and wants. At E&O, we are constantly questioning ourselves and what we know. This fluidity and adaptability ensures we are always prepared for future challenges.

Design-first Consulting Solutions.


Building E&O, like any company, took a lot of trial and error. We believe that by keeping honest to our selves about our capabilities was a vital aspect of quick growth. Our openness to accept mistakes and pivot them to learning opportunities allowed us to refine our process.

E&O values social impact over financial gain. Our team has worked in many fields including Management Consulting, Technology, Finance, Energy, Logistics, Insurance, & Analytics, all with a caveat of Design Thinking. These unique experiences have given us insight to the current operational & business issues companies face today. Our hope is to create comprehensive yet simple results through Purpose Driven Design.

Designing the HX

It is our belief that delivering a seamless HX (Human Experience) is the epitome of good design. As innovators we should strive to create frictionless relationships between product and consumer.

We wish to assist businesses in creating these meaningful interactions through well engineered solutions.

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