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We are a creative design studio who passionate about clean and intuitive design. We work flexibly with clients to fulfil their design needs.

Whether you need to create a brand from scratch or a design refresh, we are confident we can get you there.

We believe in delivering memorable technology experiences. Ones where the relationship between product and consumer are so seamless that intuition drives the interaction. In pursuit of creating frictionless solutions, we are constantly growing our knowledge base, adapting our concepts, and questioning what we believe are facts.

Brand Identity 90%
User Experience 80%
Web Development 60%
Marketing 75%

Creative Analysis

Deep-dive into discovering your creative problems.

Market Foresight

Incorporating the latest and greatest modern industry trends.

Curated Roadmap

Customizing work plans for your unique needs.

Visionary Design

Inspiring design through multi-team, multi-talent, collaboration.

Digital Engineering

Telling your narrative through lines of code.

Meaningful Results

Turning ideas into lasting and meaningful interactions.

Interested in joining our team of innovators & world changers?

Our team is constantly looking for talented professionals who dream big like us! E&O recruits individuals who are not content with 9-to-5 life, strive for more, and are driven by the thrill of making exciting changes. Besides just technical skills, we see promise in everyone and we know innovation can come from any angle. Design, Develop, and Strategize your way to an impactful future with Ed & Oliver!

One Team, Many Talents

We specialise in different areas of businesses

Our team is comprised of fast paced, multifaceted individuals who enjoy tackling the complex challenges that businesses face everyday. E&O requires a blend of critical thinkers and skilled professional who are both talented in their own discipline and willing to learn about others. We believe that this hybrid of knowledge can fester robust solutions and promote communication internally. This ‘all-for-one’ culture we instil ultimately trickles down to the exceptional quality of work our employees put in for our clients.

At E&O, our greatest asset is our ability to quickly share information, resources, and expertise from many different industries. We advocate a transparent work environment that communicates horizontal and vertical decision making to all team members; employees at E&O are encouraged to contribute towards any project, regardless of their focus

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About Us

Ed & Oliver Partners Ltd is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with the innovative results they need. Our goal is to deliver customized cross industry technology solutions to the complex and detailed challenges faced by global corporations today.

Our analytic solutions touch a diverse number of industries with emphasis on Information Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Sales, Finance, and Strategy. We continue to focus on developing a collaborative and strong relationship with all of our customers by designing and maintaining deliverables that meet current and future requirements.

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